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9th Emaa

Dear Colleagues,

For its 9th year, the European Masters in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine (EMAA) will be the "start of season" of the most important international meeting in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine, where physicians will obtain the answers they seek thanks to the very Practical format proposed in this congress and the quality of the program presented by European and international experts.

This progressive multidisciplinary meeting is designed to bring an update on aesthetic and anti-aging treatments, products and new technologies in a very practical and interactive format that will provide an unparalleled weekend educational experience. It includes the hottest new procedures, training sessions, live demonstrations workshops, run by a world class faculty of opinion leaders in anti-aging medicine, aesthetic dermatology and surgery.
The EMAA will shed the light on all new trends in cosmetology as well. The scientific programs of both parts of the convention, The Anti-Aging part and the Aesthetic part, have a wide variety of subjects treated in plenary sessions and very interesting live demonstrations and practical workshops with high educational interest.

The EMAA aims to be a very PRACTICAL congress where each lecture effectively corresponds to an application in your daily practice.
Considering the increasing demand of the public, an important feature of the EMAA this year will reside in providing an important part to educationnal sessions for an effective and SAFE anti-aging medicine. This, in view to offer the right basis to the physician from Aesthetics, General Practice, and from other Specialties, to offer their patients therapies that will aim to prevent aging and pathologies and make people who are already healthy, HEALTHIER.
The same way, anti-aging doctors will be able to gain aesthetic practice knowledge from the very complete program of the EMAA.

Our concern is to ensure that both domains can combine their respective knowledge to provide the patient with the best follow-up and treatments in "Global Aging Management".

We look forward to welcoming you to Paris.

The Organizing Committee

Recherche médicale : les femmes défavorisées ?

SEXISME- Médicaments et recherche médicale se basent essentiellement sur le sexe masculin.

Journees De Chirurgie Digestive Beaujon 25 et 26 Avril 2013

Journées organisées par les Prs BELGHITI et PANIS, interventions en direct communications orales et débats
Journées modérées par les Pr D'HOORE (Belgique) et PESSAUX (Strasbourg)

Thèmes : foie, voies biliaires, pancréas, colon rectum, chirurgie laparoscopique


Les femmes défavorisées par la recherche médicale ?

SEXISME- Médicaments et recherche médicale se basent essentiellement sur le sexe masculin.

Saint-Augustin Live Surgery Meeting


Saint-Augustin Live Surgery Meeting est un nouveau congrès de technique chirurgicale en urologie mini-invasive qui se déroulera à Bordeaux les 25 et 26 avril 2013: une formation aux techniques chirurgicales de deux journées, avec un programme opératoire continu, restransmis en 2D et 3D en direct depuis les salles d'opération de la Clinique Saint-Augustin à Bordeaux. Cette retransmission "Live Surgery" permettra aux participants de participer et d'échanger en direct avec les experts.

Le programme des interventions présentées portera essentiellement sur les techniques mini-invasives en uro-oncologie et l'évolution des nouvelles techniques en urologie réparatrice et fonctionnelle.

La langue officielle du congrès est l'anglais.

Sida : le "réservoir à virus", nouvel ennemi des chercheurs

RECHERCHE - Une étude montre que des "réservoirs à virus" du sida s'installent très rapidement dans le corps et résistent aux traitements.

Cancers au féminin 2013



La Journée Cancers au Féminin se déroulera le 25 septembre 2013 au Pavillon Dauphine à Paris.
Cette journée sera présidée par le Dr Marc Espié

Sida : les "réservoirs à virus", nouvel ennemi des chercheurs

RECHERCHE - Une étude montre que des "réservoirs à virus" du sida s'installent très rapidement dans le corps. Résistants aux traitements, ils sont un nouveau défi pour les chercheurs.

IMCAS Asia 2013 - Singapore - 7th Edition - International Master Course on Aging Skin
Dear Participants,
On behalf of the IMCAS Asia 2013 Scientific Board, we are pleased to welcome you in Singapore for IMCAS Asia 7th edition, which will be hosted at the Suntec Convention Center, giving attendees a unique opportunity to gather at the confluence of Asian scientific streams regarding the medical aesthetics field.
Why is Singapore the perfect location?

Located at the meeting point of strategic sea routes, "The Lion City" has grown from a 13th century small fishing village to a 2013 bustling cosmopolitan city, embodying the best of Asian cultures.

Now set to become an important Asia-Pacific tech innovation hub, Singapore will provide the ideal setting for Asians and Westerns to share scientific knowledge and breakthroughs imported from their respective countries.

It is a privilege for us to receive delegates, speakers, exhibitors and journalists to this Annual Asian Meeting on this amazing island of extensive growth for academic exchange and international cooperation.

“Singapore is a great opportunity for us to meet in the heart of South Asia, acknowledged as one of the top scientific hub for plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology.
We have lined-up a unique selection of worldwide speakers, experts in their field that will present the latest developments in our field.”

Doctor Benjamin Ascher, Plastic Surgeon from France and IMCAS Scientific director

Taking IMCAS Asia 2013 to new heights!

Since 2007, IMCAS Asia has become a true scientific reference for the continent, thanks to its excellent scientific content, featuring a focus on Asian specificities, and the contribution of worldwide experts in the fields of aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology.

Scientific progress regarding plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology has been tremendous in Asia these past few years, and this is why besides receiving the key players of the industry IMCAS Asia scientific board has been working very hard to offer a 2013 program of high-scientific content with the very latest developments of the industry.

IMCAS Asia Scientific think-tank

The congress has been set-up to ensure quality interaction around various innovative learning platforms
• Scientific sessions
• Sponsored Symposia
• Live Demonstrations
• Teaching courses
• Open Debates
• and new exciting learning tools to be announced …

We are looking forward to meeting you in Singapore for these three days of scientific knowledge transfer where we hope you will catch Singapore’s exciting blend of historic and modern culture.
MCAS - Who are we ? What began more than a decade ago has now grown in terms of participation and renown. As such, IMCAS has become one of the most important international courses dedicated to Aging Skin Treatments. Our Annual Congress is held every year in Paris in late January and welcomes more than 4 500 delegates from 82 different countries.

Four sessions of IMCAS Conferences are held annually



IMCAS CHINA in October 2013 in SHANGHAI

IMCAS INDIA in November 2013 in GOA

Lutte contre le sida : "réservoirs à virus", ce nouvel ennemi des chercheurs

RECHERCHE - Une étude montre que des "réservoirs à virus" du sida s'installent très rapidement dans le corps. Résistants aux traitements, ils sont un nouveau défi pour les chercheurs.

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